The latest technology is available for service at your home.

We can email and fax our office or your physician with any changes, from your home. This technology allows improved communication, connectively, in order to serve you faster. Our staff will show up at your front door prepared to service you with the latest program. No more waiting for your nurse returning to and from the office to send your physician paper work.

Every computer is equipped with special security software protecting all patient personal information. Our nurse's notebook computer contains interactive software allowing authorized access to check for any changes in Doctor Orders if they depart from the office.

There is also medication interactive software built into our nurse's Computer Programs. This software gives a detailed medication interaction analysis as well as a summary for any questions a patient has about specific medication. In addition, the program includes a physician portal allowing either an order to be signed by doctors electronically or new orders to be written for any condition changes.

In the changing medical industry, we continue to stay on the forefront of technology to keep you in your home and active in your daily living environment.

Free Call Button in all new patients’ homes. This button allows 24/7 peace of mind knowing only a push of a button can bring a warm, friendly voice to assist you with all of your needs or concerns.